"so interactive for children and staff"

"beautifully presented and perfectly pitched"

"characters were believable even with just a hat change"

"very witty script"

"humour for all ages"

"children were mesmerised"

"the best show I have seen in 20 years of teaching!"

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Theatres, public venues and special events

We do much more than just school performances…

Theatres and public venues

All Cat's Grin productions and workshops are available for presentation at theatres and public venues. Please call Don to discuss your requirements.

Weekend/holiday workshops into performance

The Cat's Grin performance, followed by a Special Series of workshops/rehearsals, leading to a performance (or two) by the children.

We begin with introductory theatre games to relax the children and introducing the important dramatic skills of vocal and physical clarity, listening and use of imagination. This will be followed by work on characters and narrative ideas from stories linked to a central theme, e.g. Pirates, Fairies, Animal Kingdom, Time Travel. We will then rehearse our show, which the children will be presenting to their school/families/friends/general Public.

During rehearsals we will look at how to portray the various aspects of the story – e.g. characters, setting, words and atmosphere – in a dramatically engaging way. For this purpose we will look at the use of movement, body, music, sounds and narration. Depending on the size of the production and time, there may also be sets to paint, props and masks to make plus costumes to put together.

All-day entertainment

All-day entertainment for a special event. Choose a show lasting one hour, followed by a treasure hunt, games and face painting. The Wind in The Willows (KS1 & KS2) is an ideal show for this event.

Half-hour shows

Fêtes, fayres and village days

Why not book us for your fêtes, fayres and village days? Choose two of our fairytale stories from the Four Fairy Tales (KS1)Once Upon a Time (KS1) or Three Favourite Tales (KS1) productions (for example Hansel and Gretel with Rumplestiltskin or The Elves and the Shoemaker with Rapunzel or maybe Goldilocks and the Three Bears with Little Red Riding Hood). Or you could have a fairy tale for the younger ones and a greek myth or Shakespeare story for older children. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party is now also available!

As prices vary for the above special events, please call 07803 013367 to discuss your requirements with our team.


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