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Goldilocks and Friends (KS1)

A trio of traditional tales suitable for Infant audiences

Image of The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. Three Favourite Tales (KS1)Duration: 70 minutes


These famous tales are retold with the Cat's Grin Trademarks of energy, colourful characters and imaginative audience participation. All washed down with Lashings of Sparkling Wit!

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

One day Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear leave their beautiful house to visit The Three Little Pigs on the other side of the Forest. Meanwhile, a nosey girl makes herself at home. In the Bears' home. Following a Nibble, a Wobble and a Snuggle, Goldilocks is blissfully unaware that their dream is about to become a Night-Bear!

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood loves her grandmother. Grandma falls ill and Riding Hood sets off through the forest with delicious things for her grandmother to eat. Amongst the woodland folk she meets on her journey, she encounters a hungry yet charming wolf. He suggests a race – but will Grandma greet Red Riding hood at the finish line? Or will it be less Granny and more growly?

Three Little Pigs

There's nothing the Three Pigs want more than to be in their own home, with some friends from the Forest. Each Pig tries to build a house, but their attempts are hindered by a hungry, yet charming Wolf. But is that Wolf full of Hot Air? Or has he got the Puff to pull apart those poor Piggies' dream dwelling?


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