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Four Fairy Tales (KS1)

Four classic children's tales, brought to life.


Duration: 70 minutes

Our Four Fairy Tales programme features four magical children's stories, each involving plenty of audience participation.

The Elves and The Shoemaker

Image of The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. Four Fairy Tales (KS1)Two Elves help a poor Shoemaker transform his life. How can he repay their kindness? Will the Elves' love of dancing get them in trouble?


For the love of their daughter, Charlie and Nell make a deal with Sludgepot the Witch – a deal they will soon regret. By the time Rapunzel is grown up, she is imprisoned within the Witch's Tower. Could her long, beautiful hair be the unlikely key to her freedom?

Three Billy Goats Gruff

All the Billy Goats have to do to reach the delicious fields over the river is to cross the bridge. But the bridge is guarded by a Troll who eats goats for brunch. The Three Billy Goats will have to be jolly clever to get around the Troll. In this story, a child plays Baby Billy Goat.

Snow White and Rose Red

Two sisters befriend a sad old bear who tells them strange tales of buried treasure in the forest. However a greedy goblin wants the treasure all to himself. Can he be stopped in time? And what is the meaning of the flashes of gold that gleam from under the bear's fur?


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