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Greek Myths and Legends (KS1 & KS2)

A whirlwind tour of five popular stories from Ancient Greece, incorporating a mix of contemporary culture with ancient mythology.

Image of The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. Greek Myths and Legends (KS1 & KS2)

Duration: 70 minutes

Presented with all the inventive wit, the fizzing energy and the bold characterisations that have understandably made this the most requested production in Cat's Grin history, Greek Myths and Legends re-discovers five stories from the Classics.

Pandora and The Box of Whispers

What is inside the magical box that Pandora and her husband Epimetheus have received from the great god Zeus? Should they open it? Once its secrets have been revealed, there is no turning back.

The Terrible Tale of Tantalus

Tantalus, son of Zeus, is the most badly behaved boy you have ever met, but Zeus turns a blind eye to his naughty exploits. One day, Tantalus goes too far and his son, Pelops, nearly comes a cropper.  Zeus comes up with a very fitting punishment!

Demeter and Persephone (The Changing Seasons)

Demeter, goddess of the harvest, loves to take care of the countryside, but she loves her daughter Persephone even more. However, Persephone is in danger! Hades, god of the underworld is prowling the overworld, looking for a wife. Can a mother's love save Persephone from his clammy clutches and his awful singing?

Echo and Narcissus

Echo, a wood nymph, is in trouble with Hera, queen of the gods; she never stops talking! Hera decides to teach her a lesson, and when Echo meets Narcissus, the most handsome man she has ever set eyes on, she pays the price for her exuberant ways!

The King with the Golden Touch

Midas is the richest King in Ancient Greece, but he is not satisfied! One day the god Dionysus offers him a wish: anything he wants can be his! But Midas' greed gets the better of him. He soon begins to suffer – and so do those around him, including his precious daughter. Can Dionysus save Midas from himself?


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