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Tales from Shakespeare (KS2)

Three for the price of one! The Winter's Tale, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream constitute this first collection of Shakespeare adaptations from The Cat's Grin Theatre Co.

Image of The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. Tales from Shakespeare (KS2)

Duration: 70 minutes

Ideal as a Study companion or as an Introduction to a selection of the Bard's famous characters and stories, The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. makes Shakespeare accessible for a Junior audience.

The Winter's Tale: a tragicomedy

Leontes, King of Sicilia welcomes the arrival of Polixines, his best friend. However, Leontes becomes unreasonably jealous of Polixines' friendship with his wife Hermione. She is imprisoned and Leontes has their baby daughter abandoned on a deserted island. His furious jealousy is out of control and he loses all his loved ones. Or has he? Time may tell a different story.

Macbeth: a tragedy

Macbeth, a general in the Scottish King's army meets with three Witches on a misty heath. They foretell that he will be King. At first he cannot believe this but with the help of his wife, they make the prophecy come true by murdering the King. There follows a disastrous chain of events as Macbeth's ambition seeks to destroy all in its path. Who will be next to fall foul of Macbeth's bloody sword?

A Midsummer Night's Dream: a comedy

In ancient Athens a new law has been passed which says that a daughter has to marry the man chosen for her by her father. One such daughter is Hermia. she refuses to obey this law and escapes the city with her true love to hide in the forest. They are followed by two other young lovers. Once inside this enchanted wood much comic confusion occurs as the mischievous Woodland Fairies amuse themselves by playing tricks on their human visitors. Will the right girl end up with the right boy? Will Mr Bottom always look like an ass?


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