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Highlights Summer 2017

Pop Up Shakespeare at Polesden Lacey.

Presentations of our 20 minute junior version of Macbeth on the South Terrace, plus scenes from Romeo & Juliet AND Twelfth Night in the Rose Garden. Shakespeare for ALL the family.

Pop Up Shakespeare 2017
Pop Up Shakespeare 2017Macbeth & Macduff still fighting
Pop Up Shakespeare 2017
Pop Up Shakespeare 2017
Pop Up Shakespeare 2017
Pop Up Shakespeare 2017

FREE Shakespeare in Schools.

Cats Grin A Midsummer Nights Dream Bottom Quince Flute poseLucky primary schools, local to Polesden Lacey were given performances of our Tales from Shakespeare followed by workshops – ALL FREE – thanks to the kind sponsorship of the charitable trust, Polesden Lacey Shakespeare.



Children's Theatre Festival, Norwich.

The Winters Tale Norwich August 2017 Leontes CamilloWe very much enjoyed giving performances of Tales from Shakespeare in the open air settings of Jenny Lind Park & Waterloo Park. And when it rained, we took our props and our audiences to a bandstand surrounded by a mini lake, and carried on!


Autumn Highlights

The Isle of Wight Primary Schools Hidden Heroes Project and Isle of Wight Literary Festival.

Pop Up IOW Macbeth is scared by Work Experience WitchWhat an honour to be invited to work on this project! In May 1942, a Polish destroyer – ORP Blyskawica – helped defend Cowes during intense air raids. The bravery of those Polish captain & crew is commemorated each May in Cowes. Following the success of our visit to the Isle of Wight Literary Festival in 2016, we were commissioned to devise and write a theatrical presentation based on this event. The production would be presented by the Year 6 pupils at four Cowes primary schools. Between September & November, we spent a few hours per month with each school rehearsing the finished piece. In total, over a 9 week period we had eight hours with each school. At the end of November, the four performances were presented to fellow pupils, parents, visiting dignitaries and relatives of the crew from the Blyskawica. The children and staff at each of the schools worked incredibly hard and it showed in their performances, which were very moving. Other schools are keen to be involved in a similar event planned for 2018.
We were also delighted to perform our Pop Up Shakespeare in the Youth Zone of October's IOW Literary Festival.

National Trust In-House Dramatic Interpretation Scenarios, Intro Talks & Character Led Guided Tours.

It was a privilege to be asked by the National Trust to bring to life a 1930's Christmas house party at Polesden Lacey. Our glamorous house guest characters – Charles & Maud – strolled the gloriously atmospheric rooms and corridors of Polesden Lacey discussing all the latest gossip from Christmas 1936. Foreign policy, Home affairs (both royal and otherwise), literature and The Dolly Birds were just some of the subjects that visitors might witness being debated. Meanwhile, Daisy the Housemaid went about her daily duties, sometimes with a song or a cheeky tinkle on the piano, but always with time for the younger visitors who became intrigued by her rendition of life “below stairs.” These scenarios played out on a loop through the day. They were interspersed by short talks introducing visitors to the history of the property – 800 years in 12 minutes! And if this wasn't enough, by prior arrangement, visitors were taken on guided tours of the house by Charles, Maud & Daisy – a personal touch that was greatly appreciated. For nine days – just post Christmas – we brought Christmas 1930's to Polesden Lacey.
Our original instruction was to “enhance the visitors' experience, understanding and enjoyment of Polesden Lacey.” According to visitor's feedback, PL staff and volunteers we did all of that and more. It was a truly exhilarating experience for all of us involved. Sharing the stories and history

Polesden Lacey 2017 - Christmas
Polesden Lacey 2017 - ChristmasCharles & Maud tango in the Gold Room
Polesden Lacey 2017 - Christmas
Polesden Lacey 2017 - Christmas
Polesden Lacey 2017 - Christmas
Polesden Lacey 2017 - Christmas
Polesden Lacey 2017 - Christmas


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