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"characters were believable even with just a hat change"

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"humour for all ages"

"children were mesmerised"

"the best show I have seen in 20 years of teaching!"

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About The Cat's Grin Theatre Co.

Since 1997, The Cat's Grin Theatre Company has toured London and the South with productions and drama workshops for schools, theatres and special events.

We aim to enlighten, entertain and educate children, ages 4–12.

Our shows

The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. specialises in crafting original stage adaptations of classic literature and curriculum-friendly topics. This live theatre experience encompasses maximum energy, fluency and wit, with myriad effects and lots of audience participation in a minimalist setting, at competitive prices. The duration of each production varies between 60–70 minutes. All productions and workshops are performed and led by three actors (four actors in certain cases).

For a list of shows currently booking, please see Spring, Summer & Autumn 2020.

Our workshops

Post-show or pre-show workshops are available with every production. Using theatre games and improvisation, these highlight themes and elements explored in the performance. Children will work both individually and in groups.  We recommend that no more than 30 children attend each workshop and that at least one member of staff is present at all times. Workshops last for one hour, or for the younger pupils 45 minutes. Please bear this in mind when booking with a show.

For more information please see Cat's Grin Theatre Co. Workshops.

Our performers

All our performers & workshop facilitators have enhanced DBS checks.; they have extensive experience in engaging, inspiring and educating young people through Drama; they are professional, enthusiastic and versatile performers. The excitement of sharing the magic and power of the English Language with audiences of all ages never dissipates. We never patronise our audiences. Indeed, the thrill of our work is making them as integral a part of the live theatre experience as the performers.

Age Groups

Unless indicated, the productions are suitable for infants and juniors alike. Our recommendations are only guidelines, however, as each performance is pitched toward a specific audience. On occasion, infants will engage with a show for juniors and vice versa. The choice is yours!

The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. "Words & Wonder NOT Razzamataz”

Founded in 1997 by Don Brown, The Cat's Grin Theatre Company has built a strong reputation with many teachers, parents and children for delivering energetic, imaginative and highly humorous productions where the children's involvement is crucial to the overall impact of the show.  Audience participation is a vital ingredient to the fluency and the understanding of each story presented by Cat's Grin, whether it's for Key Stage 1 or 2.

The Cat's Grin Theatre Company takes particular pride in Don Brown's original scripts, which ignite the dynamic energy permeating each production. Adapting classic literature in such a way that serves both author and audience is a delicate operation. We believe that the wonderful relationship the Company has enjoyed with so many schools, theatres and special events over the years is a testament to Don and Cat's Grin's mastery of this "delicate operation." The scripts are very carefully constructed ensuring that stories and characters, humour and drama are perfectly pitched to appeal at every age level, from 4 years and up. The correct usage of language and the clarity of communication are key components to all Cat's Grin productions. We never underestimate the importance of using the right words – oral and visual allusions – to engage our audience.


The Cat's Grin Theatre Company

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